Moodboard – Classic Bags under $50

The right bag can make or break an outfit which is (partly) why I change out my purse a few times a week. The other reason I choose one bag over another is just how much stuff I need to carry around. So it's always good to have a nice selection in your closet so you can pick just the right one for the occasion. Today I've found a bunch of awesome bags all for under $50 so you can stock up and not break the bank.

Top Row from left: Crossbody Bag  //  Envelope Crossbody  //  Red Crossbody  // Black Hobo
Middle Row: Camel Tote  // Vegan Saddle Bag  //  Red Messenger Bag
Bottom Row: Grey Tote  //  Mini Duffle  //  Reverse Denim Tote

Follow along with me here:


  1. I want Black Hobo and Grey Tote! ^^/

    1. Me too! I wish I had big enough closets to store all my wants. :)


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