DIY Rope Handle Tote

Would you believe that I started this bag over a year ago? If you're the procrastinating kind of crafter that I am then yes, you can easily believe it. This was one of those projects that just stalled out, got shoved in a bin somewhere and wallowed. I was all ready to finish it back in August of 2012 when I failed attaching the eyelets. I was a little afraid to hammer hard on any of the surfaces in my apartment and trust me those eyelets need a good beating. So, a few months ago I took the bag and eyelets to my parents house, borrowed a brick from my Dad and hammered away. And voila! Eyelets.

Then the bag sat longer waiting for the right rope-like handles. Last weekend I went to JoAnn's and spent a while looking for just the material. I found this great multi-colored cord material and bought 2 yards of it. When I got it home, I cut it in half, strung it through the eyelets and tied knots at the ends. I really love the material I found for the handles. I think it completes the bag in the best way.

And now it's done and I mostly like it. Is it because this bag screams summer time and right now it is decidedly not summer? Or is it that I really should have used different fabrics? Mostly likely some of both. From a distance the fabric looks great but it's not exactly right. The colorful cotton (from IKEA) should be a little thicker/sturdier. The denim at the top and bottom corners should not have any stretch in it. I could have used some interfacing. But oh well! At least it's done which checks something off the list and helps satisfy my New Year's resolution to finish projects. And it's a nice big size. I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of it in the end, going to the beach or on day trips.

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