14 things to do in 2014

I'm not that big on resolutions but I do enjoy planning. There are always so many ideas I have and new things I'd like to try that I never get around to doing. So, what better than a little list at the beginning of the year with some things I'd like to do. Hopefully I'll do all of them but if not, I'm sure I'll still be busy with other creative pursuits.

1. Finish projects
This was one of my resolutions last year as well. Haha! And I did finish a lot of projects, even some that had been languishing in the closet. I want to continue that momentum, finish a few more long term WIPs and hopefully not create any new UFOs.

2. Make a weaving or wall hanging
I've been seeing so many cool weavings around the internets lately. It's really inspiring and I'd love to make one myself.

3. Print on fabric
I'm a graphic designer so it's only natural that I should want to create designs on fabric. And I do want to. I just rarely do. Plus I've had the book Printing by Hand for ages and never used it.

4. Design a font
Another thing on the "I want to do that" list.

5. Read my digital photography books
I received this set of books last year for Christmas and still haven't read them.

6. Redecorate my apartment
I've slowly been working on this one for the last month or so. I'm feeling the need to refresh and rejuvenate, to give my place a new look.

7. Wrangle my fabric collection
There are two parts to this resolution. One, to not add to the fabric collection. I've been doing a good job of this lately but I do fall off the wagon from time to time. My aunt told me that she makes herself use 5 pieces of fabric before she adds to her stash. Five is a lot but it's a good goal! The second part of this is organizing the fabric I have. It was in a good state a few years ago but it's gotten really out of hand and I need to spend an afternoon folding and stowing my stash.

8. Knit more
I used to knit a lot and have a fair amount of yarn that needs to be used up. This could be the year!

9. Learn a new sewing technique
Hey, why not? I don't know what it will be yet. Any suggestions?

10. Quality not quantity
In all things. I think working under a "quality over quantity" theory is perhaps less hurried and in the end one gets more out of it. What do you think?

11. Reduce clutter
This is one of my eternal struggles. I always have piles of things laying around that need to be tidied up or things I don't use and need to go to Goodwill.

12. Wear more DIY
I have quite a few things I've made and never worn or rarely worn and they deserve to get out of the closet.

13. Draw more
I like drawing and practice makes perfect. :)

14. Keep crafting
Nuf said. Keep on keepin' on.

Have you made any resolutions this year?  Do you keep your resolutions? If so, how?

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