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I'm sure a lot of people think grey is a boring, blah color but it is my longtime favorite neutral. Forget white. Forget black. Grey is my fave. And while we're on the topic of grey. I much prefer the spelling "grey" to "gray". It just looks more elegant with an "e". Getting back to the fashion, here are a few classic grey pieces that would enhance any wardrobe.

Clockwise from top left:
Cape  //  Blouse  //  Nail Polish  //  Boots  //  Sweater  //  Pants  //  Purse  //  Bracelet  //  Scarf

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  1. Hey, I'm a GREY fan too! It started when I read all the Agatha Christie novels I could when I was a preteen. I also tend to use British spellings a lot. I love that chunky scarf, must make one this winter.

  2. Another GREY fan here! And also a big fan of the color in my wardrobe -- it mixes with other colors in ways that are more subtle than black, and looks great with black to boot. (To boot? I have two pair in grey!)


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