Moodboard – Pencil Skirts and Sweaters

There's nothing as classic as a pencil skirt. Combined with a sweater you have a chic and comfortable outfit ready to take you from fall to winter without batting an eyelash. A slightly loose fit in the sweater nicely balances a fitted pencil skirt, keeping the whole look cool and classy.

Clockwise from top left:
Mustard Sweater  //  Plaid Skirt  // Grey Knit Skirt  //  Check Sweater  // Striped Skirt  //  Black Pencil Skirt  //  Blue Pencil Skirt  //  Grey Shawl Cardi  //  Tweed Zipper Skirt

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  1. I love all your moodboards!! Thought I should stop in and let you know that because I just realized that I very rarely comment. I want you to know I love them so you keep sharing :)

  2. I always enjoy your mood boards. A pencil skirt and sweater is one of my fave outfits for work. The grey knit skirt is very appealing, it looks comfy and it seems easy to sew.

    1. Sewing the grey skirt is a great idea!!


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