DIY Roundup – Softie Tutorials

If you saw my post on Tuesday, then you know that I've diverted from usual fashion sewing to something for the wee ones. Here's a little inspiration for your own softie crafting.

Clockwise from top left:
Calico Kitty from Cherryskin (with free pattern)  //  Fox from Blue Ribbon Cottage  //
Elephant Softie from Craftiness is Not Optional (with free pattern)  //  Bear Softie from Elm Street Life

Also check out these lists with more softie links: Squidoo, Tipnut.

Crafting on Pinterest
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  1. Oo I love these! My little one loves plush toys so these are fantastic:)

  2. These are super sweet! I always say I'll make softies and never do... Maybe this fox will be my first :)

  3. Soo cute! I'll pin it for the time when I will have kids! :)


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