DIY Printable – Read More Books Iron On Transfer

Even though I think books are the best ever, I need a reminder sometimes. I so often find myself swept up in sewing or just looking for eye candy on the internet (I'm lookin' at you Pinterest) that I think I don't read as much as I should. So, in order to give myself a little reminder as well as a fun and useful tote, I created this "Read More Books" iron-on transfer design. I've had this DIY Printable in mind for a few months now and I'm so excited with how it turned out.

To make your own "Read More Books" tote bag you will need a tote and some iron on transfer paper. You can make your own tote (see my tutorial here) or use a pre-made one. You could also iron this design on a t-shirt or anything else made of fabric.

Printers operate differently but usually when you set your printer media to "Iron on transfer" it will automatically flip the design horizontally. I recommend doing a test print on regular paper to make sure it flips before printing on the iron on transfer paper. I found that the color was blacker when I did not use the "Iron on transfer" preset. So, I've included an already reversed version just in case.

Go here to download the iron on printable.

This design is for personal use only. Not for profit or resale.


  1. Wow, ths is gorgeous! You know what? I think this would also make a great t-shirt: some advertising for the hand-held book. I don't consider e-books as the same...they are just a series of web pages to me. Web pages that will slowly degrade my eyesight.

  2. pretty cute. and thanks for sharing :)

    and yes! people should read more books (but the paper version please). ebooks on web or readers aren't the same :(

  3. Thank you guys! I actually love my kindle because I can have a bunch of books in little lightweight package. It's super easy on the eyes too so it doesn't feel like a screen. But I will never give up the real paper book.

  4. I put this on a grey sweatshirt today and it turned out great! It was my first attempt at printing and using an iron on transfer. A reading themed sweatshirt is hard to find. Plus, the sweatshirt was on clearance for $3.50! Can't wait to wear it tomorrow when I sub in the library with jeans on casual Friday!


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