Three Ways to Wear Harem Pants (Sponsored by Three Dots)

I recently had the opportunity to attend the opening of the Three Dots pop-up store at Fred Segal's Santa Monica location. I was delighted to attend and had a great time looking at their collection. Three Dots is mostly known for their super comfortable and flattering t-shirts but I was impressed by their interesting silhouettes and mixing of materials. A number of their pieces reminded me of the style found in the Drape Drape books I'm so fond of.

I had a great time chatting with the Three Dots team and was thrilled when they gave me a pair of harem pants to take home. My pants are very similar to these harem pants currently on their site. I love the uber comfortable light weight knit fabric – not too thin and doesn't overheat me during these hot summer days.

The harem pant trend is not for the faint-of-fashion-heart but it's one definitely worth trying out. These pants are just as comfy as your regular old sweats. But unlike sweat pants you can also dress these up for work or play. Today I'm going to share a few tips with you on how to wear harem pants.

How to Wear Harem Pants

1. Cropped Jacket
If I'm going to take my harem pants out for a night on the town, I'll pair them with a cropped or structured jacket. The structure of the jacket contrasts the loose fit of the pants and elevates the outfit to nighttime. Along with the jacket you'll need to throw on some heels and show off those gams. Now, if you're like me and frown at the thought of uncomfortable heels, just remind yourself that you're wearing super comfortable pants! You can suffer a little bit with the heels because the rest of your is practically pajamas. Also, tuck in your blouse and show off those harem pants pleats.

2. Casual Sweater
So last night you hit the town and now you need a rest. So throw on those harem pants, your favorite tank top, a casual drapey sweater and hold back your messy hair with a chic vintage scarf or turban headband (Check out my DIY tutorial to make your own.). Then hit the couch, the yoga studio or your usual weekend haunt.

3. Boxy Jacket
I also love to wear my harem pants to work. With the right shoes and jacket it won't look too casual and no one will notice you're wearing the comfiest pants in the room. For this outfit wear a blouse or t-shirt, loosely tucked in to the pants. A blazer and chunky heels elevate the look to professional level. I kind of love the look of this vintage boxy blazer. But if it's not your thing, a fitted blazer would look just as chic. If you're feeling extra creative add a belt to emphasize the waist and some fun accessories.

Have you tried harem pants yet? What are your thoughts?

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  1. you like the fit of these better than the Tuck Drape pants you made? I just ordered the Drape Drape book, so I'm wondering.

  2. Is it possible you've changed my mind on harem pants?! I can't believe it! They look adorable on you... and you look fabulous! I love your hair in all your posts. Plus, I have to admit I'm jealous you can just hop in Fred Segal for an opening. Lucky you!!!


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