Moodboard – Lace

I've been seeing lots of lace these days and I really love the way it's being used. It's not that prim and proper lace that we're all used to. It's more of a tough, fun and flirtatious kind of lace. What do you think of the latest trends in lace? Have you tried it out?

Clockwise from top left:
Lace Inset Dress  //  Pale Pink Blouse  //  Navy Lace Top  //  Pink Tank  //  Navy Skater Dress  //  Phone Cover  //  Black Dress  //  Hot Pink Skirt


Follow along with me here:


  1. I am slowly developing a heavy lace obsession. A black lace skirt is swirling in my mind. This post makes me think it might not be too crazy an idea... :)


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