Moodboard – 90's Style Florals

Over the weekend, I finished the last dress in my Summer Sewing plans and it reminds me soooo much of something straight from the 90's. I really didn't expect that to happen but I'm going with it, gosh darn it. So to get you in the 90's mood too, here are some current day pieces to inspire you. What do you think? Are you ready to go back to the 90's?

Clockwise from top left:
U-back Maxi Dress  //  Floral Chambray Dress  //  Knit Skater Dress  //  Mini Floral Print Dress  //  Floral Overalls  //  Floral Romper  //  Shorts  //  Babydoll Tank

Follow along with me here:


  1. Wow, you are so right about those clothes. I probably wouldn't have noticed if I saw them individually, but all together, yeah. I am not ready.


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