Free DIY Printable – Iron On Camping Icons

In case you can't tell from my last two posts I have camping and the outdoors on the brain this week. I made some cute little camping themed icons for you to download and print. Print them on iron on t-shirt paper and adhere the design to a little drawstring bag, backpack or t-shirt.

Use these designs to adorn purchased totes or t-shirts or any of your DIY creations. Above is a little drawstring backpack that I made. You might notice that some of my iron ons are a little rough. I think it's because my iron on transfer paper is super old or I just didn't press hard enough with the iron. But I kind of like the rough look anyway.

The designs are in two sizes – about 2.5 inches wide and 5 inches wide. Printers operate differently but usually when you set your printer media to "Iron on transfer" it will automatically flip the design horizontally. I recommend doing a test print on regular paper to make sure it flips before printing on the iron on transfer paper.

Go here to download.


  1. These are super-adorable! Now I just have to decide what I want to put them on. :)


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