DIY Outfit – Silk T-Shirt and Shorts

I love this simple, chic silk t-shirt and shorts outfit. It's very understated but still really beautiful and elegant. This is the kind of weekend outfit when you want to be a little dressy but are maybe feeling a little quirky and don't want to wear your "been-there-done-that" sundress. The silhouette is simple and even with the luxurious fabric, this would be a pretty easy outfit to DIY.

How to DIY a Silk T-Shirt and Shorts

Step 1 Today's inspiration is an outfit from the brand Wilfred Free available at The outfit features silk shorts and a loose fitting silk t-shirt.

Step 2 The t-shirt is a basic silhouette with a keyhole closure at the back neck, exactly like BurdaStyle's Retro Top. For the shorts, I'd use McCall's M6440 pants pattern and shorten it to make shorts. This pattern has the side zip and waistband just like our shorts. If you feel inclined, you could also ad a pleat to the side front like in our inspiration shorts.

Step 3 The top is a solid white silk and the shorts are a pale floral silk fabric, both from Mood. Never sewn with silk? Check out these tips from Madalynne and Mood.

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  1. Love this combination. And so perfect for August heat waves!

    x Elena

    1. Thank you Elena! August in LA has been strange and it's actually cooler than June and July. But I'm very happy to have cooler weather. It's still plenty warm enough to wear shorts though!

  2. thank you for putting these looks together this literally adds hours back to my life not having to figure out which pattern to use.

  3. These DIY outfit posts are so incredibly helpful! And I absolutely love your style inspirations!

    1. Thank you Sanae! That's so nice to hear.

  4. I love it! I have saved all of my little boys t-shirts and plan to do this with them one day. Maybe one for each of them as a keepsake.


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