DIY Lace Inset Tee

Yesterday I shared the inspiration and a brief how-to for making this lace inset tee. The design is inspired by the Lace Divide Tee from Anthropologie. I do realize that it's not an exact copy of the rtw but it's pretty close and very easy to make. To be more exact it would need a dip hem and lace hemming the front of the tee as well. Totally doable, I just wanted to fast track this project. I love how this turned out. It would be really easy to take an existing t-shirt and add godets of lace to the back or sides or even to the shoulders.

I had both of these fabrics already in my stash. It took about a yard of black knit and really just a scrap of lace. Putting it all together only took a few hours. It would have been faster if I hadn't kept cutting the neck binding too small. It was a situation of I didn't want to make it too big so I kept making it too small. Third time was the charm!

I love how this top turned out and plan on using lace again in the near future. Here I'm wearing the top with Articles of Society jeans and black flats, similar to these and these.

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  1. It's so great when something in your minds eye turns out just like you planned! I can never get my knit neck bands right the first time! I think the fabric choice always makes each one slightly variable!

  2. It turned out fabulous. I really like the the placement of the lace low down because it retains the lacey effect without the need to line it.

  3. What a great tee - the lace detail takes it to another level. I am interested to see how to incorporate leather into a tee - I'm seeing leather details in a lot of unexpected places in fashion at the moment.

  4. This looks so nice. I don't actually think i can do it but i will get some help from my mum. That lace made a plain t shirt look very nice.


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