Font Friday – Aleo Font and Instagram Pics

Today's Font Friday pick is a classy slab serif called Aleo, available for free on Behance. The font is available in six 3 weights, each with a regular and italic (6 total! pretty rad). Aleo is a classy, stand up kind of font, perfect for captioning my favorite Instagram pics of the week.

I went to a concert on Sunday night at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles, where I took these photos. If you are fond of architecture and are ever in LA, this Frank Gehry designed building is a must see. The variant angles create beautiful shadows and pieces of light. I love taking photos here. The concert was amazing too. If you are even a little bit interested in classical or organ music, check this guy out.

Last but not least, a little sample of today's font. Did I mention that this is a super classy font? This is a font to take seriously. And it has 6 weights, caps and lowercase. You can do anything with this font. Make a classy classical music poster. Make a classy bookplate. Make a classy invitation. Are you doing something classy? Try this font. 

I hope you guys have a great weekend! If you like photos of urban settings, dirty walls and things, you should follow me on Instagram.

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  1. Thanks girl! I love fonts :)

  2. Love this classy font! What a beautiful concert hall. We actually just returned home from a Disneyland trip... so much fun!


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