Font Friday - Myra Caps

Have you ever thought about how a font could be like a pocket? Well, pockets are useful and decorative just like today's Font Friday pick – Myra Caps. Myra is a sturdy, all caps, sans serif font – very useful – but it also has a curly decorative alternate for each letter. The font is designed by Sergiy S. Tkachenko and is available for free download on the Free Typography website.

Above I'm using the font over the top of one of my favorite instagram pictures of the week. I was trying to think of a pocket related phrase to use and decided on "Like candy in your pocket" because I always feel a certain child like glee when I have my pockets full of candy. It's a secret little treat just hanging out there waiting for you to be ready to throw 'em down the hatch. The blue sky in the photo really lends itself well to the word candy. You can almost eat it!

I really like how clean and pretty this font is. The curly alternates are essentially the capitals of the font and the plainer letters are the lowercase. As you can see in the sample above, you really shouldn't use the capitals for every single letter. Let those curly guys shine but using them sparingly and strategically. Use them at the beginning of a headline or as a drop cap in a block of text. You wouldn't plaster your pants with pockets all over them would you? I guess unless you're making cargo pants. :)

I hope that you have a great weekend. If you're looking for more fonty fun, follow #FontFriday on twitter.

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