Font Friday - Corki and a little Yacht Rock

Today's Font Friday is Corki from Type Depot. The font is available for free and comes in four variations including a fun selection of dingbats! Following this week's navy theme, I made the nautical themed graphic above. I mean, who doesn't love a little yacht rock on a Friday? All of the dingbats with the exception of the anchor (which is part of this download) are from the Corki font. The dingbats include arrows, hands, banners, stars and other little things.

Corki has 4 versions: Regular, Rounded, Tuscan and Tuscan Rounded. Regular and Tuscan are above and the other two below. The Tuscan versions have little divots in the serifs in kind of a western style. I love the Tuscan version but the regular is really useful too. Besides just nautical designs, this is a great font for tight spaces. If you have a long word and a short space, this font will squeeze it in and still look stylish.

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  1. Hi! I downloaded Corki but can't figure out how to use the dingbats! I feel like the answer is so obvious....

    1. Hi there, I only know how to do it in Illustrator or InDesign. In either of those programs, open the Glyphs palette, select the font, make a text box. Then just double lick the character in the glyphs palette that you want to use.


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