Font Friday - Coco and Pinterest Favorite

Coco Font and Chocolate Cake

Today's Font Friday is Coco, designed by Hendrick Rolandez and available for free on Behance (scroll down to the bottom of the page, the link is tiny). This unique font is narrow, thick on the sides and very skinny at the top and bottom. It works best used sparingly in just a large word or two with mostly solid color behind it. The samples on Behance are great examples of how to use this font.

The photo above of Chocolate Cake and Berries is one of my favorite pins of the week. If you speak Swedish, you might be interested in the recipe on the source site. The photo contains a couple of themes that I collect on Pinterest – Coffee & Tea and Works in Progress. Because the photo is rather busy, I added a drop shadow to the text in order to give it definition and make it easier to read.

Font Friday Coco sample
There are 6 different weights for this font but I prefer the Bold option. Above you can the bold capitals and below the bold lowercase letters. I really like this font in stark black and white colors (or non-colors as the case may be). The font is delicate and well suited to the high contrast and elegance of black and white.

Font Friday Coco sample
I hope that you have a great weekend filled with coffee, chocolate, cake, berries, friends, fonts and family.

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