Font Friday - Blanch

Today's Font Friday feature is Blanch, an all caps font available for free from Lost Type Co-Op. This font is an interesting mix of serious and friendly. It's very tall and straight, a little uptight but then it has softly curved "U"s and "N"s. I think this would be a great font for infographics or other informational designs. I'm getting into some knitting this week so I decided to do a little knitting themed graphic to feature this font. You know the seed stitch right? It's a lovely stitch and so simple, just knit one, purl one, repeat. 

The font features 6 weights. Three of the weights are average height (above) and the other three are very tall (below). Each height has a bold, light and inline style. The tall ones are called condensed and the smaller are called caps. I would actually classify all of these as condensed as the letters are all rather narrow.

Design Tips:

  • It's always handy to have a tall, condensed font like this for long words or phrases that need to fit into a small space. 
  • The inline fonts are very current and trendy and would look great paired with other fonts in a block of text.
  • Use the light version when you want to be subtly dramatic or very minimalistic. It would pair well with a very, striking, dynamic photograph. 
  • The light and inline versions would probably not work well for a larger block of text. Actually, all caps text is generally hard to read for large paragraphs. Use the inline and light versions for single words or phrases and you should be safe.

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  1. Hi Lula,

    I love this font also. Do you have any tips on what to pair it with? I'm stuck. It's for my very first blog! I want to use blanch in the header as the title of the blog, and stuck on what to use for the body.



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