Font Friday - Berimbau for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Berimbau Font Friday Alphabet

Today's Font Friday is Berimbau, available from My Fonts. Berimbau is a tall and thin, handwritten font. So, even if you have less than stellar handwriting, this font can transform your valentine from a scribbled mess to a tender, hand-crafted love note. And most of all, you want a valentine to look sincere don't you?

Berimbau is an all caps font with alternates. So, if you use all-caps or lowercase you will see different forms of the letters but still all at the same cap height. Below is a sample of the alphabet in all caps and all lowercase. You can see that the all lowercase (bottom sample) is a little more casual and flirty with a loopy "O" and "Y". And the that "e" is just too adorable. It's such a sweet font but toes the line of cloying because it's all caps, narrow and very upright – very sweet but not silly.

Valentine's Day Berimbau Font Friday Alphabet

Design Details:

For the designs above, I used Adobe Illustrator to create the following:

  • lines made fancy with calligraphic brush strokes (from the Artistic - Chalk Charcoal Pencil brush library)
  • Rounded corner square with drop shadow (thank you Effects menu), 
  • arrows drawn with lines (thank you Stroke palette for arrow endpoints and round cap strokes) and 
  • a heart courtesy of ITC Zapf Dingbats.

For more font-y goodness follow #FontFriday on twitter. And if you're looking to make some valentines of your own this weekend, check out my printables page for a bunch of free downloads. Sweet! Happy weekend!

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