Friday Faves - Advent Calendar Roundup & a Font

Advent calendars seem to be all the rage this year. They just turn up anywhere I happen to be browsing. Seeing as it's only December 7th and there are more than 12 days before Christmas, I don't think it's too late to make an advent calendar and let the countdown begin. So here are my top 4 favorites from the interwebs. See more of my picks on my pinterest Holiday Crafting board.

1. Free Printable DIY Advent Calendar from Zu Galerie
2. Free Printable Christmas Street Advent Calendar from (via How About Orange)
3. Advent Calendar Iron On Free Printable from Oh Happy Day
4. Free Printable Geometric Advent Calendar from Hey Look

Honorable mentions: 
Little Village Advent Calendar from Swoon! blog.
Also see all the advent calendars over at Oh Happy Day.

And last but not least, today's Font Friday. If I were to make an advent calendar, I'd want to choose a font with really special numbers. So I might use the old fashioned font Crash Numbering Serif available for free on Fontspace. This font only has numbers, punctuation and a few "No." glyphs. As you can see above, each numeral has two alternates with a line either above or below the number. The easiest way to use this font will be in Illustrator with the Glyphs palette or a similar software where you can see all of the options available and just click on the one you want. For more font inspiration, follow #FontFriday on Twitter.

Happy weekend everybody!


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  1. Wow, what a beautiful roundup of Advent calendars! This year we've been enjoying one that my sister-in-law got for us. It's a pop-up tree and each little "door" has a paper bird inside that you can clip onto the tree. It's so sweet and my daughter loves it.


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