Thursday Thriftday - Red Blouse

Last week I showed you a couple of blouses I was working on refashioning. This blouse was very boxy with a drop shoulder and simple little sleeves. I loved the buttons on the front and back but didn't want the blouse to overwhelm with too much fabric.

My original plan was to remove the sleeves, take in the blouse at the sides, move the shoulder seam up to the end of the shoulder and then put the sleeves back on.  I started by removing the sleeves. Then after some futzing around decided that moving the shoulder line and putting the sleeve back on would look pretty much the same as just leaving the sleeves off altogether. So, I just took the blouse in a little bit  at the side seam and hemmed the armhole opening.

It's still a pretty boxy blouse but just by removing the sleeves, the blouse no longer looks like it's just ridiculously large. It works quite well tucked into slim pants or a skirt. The bright red color is a little bit patriotic so I wore it on Tuesday in honor of voting day. Are you working on any refashions? What's your go to change to make a too large blouse look better?


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