Friday's Font and a Song – Embossed Label

Today's Font Friday is Embossed Text Label available for free from fuzzimo. Remember those old label makers that embossed letters into a sticky strip of plastic? That's what this font looks like. How cool is that? It's available in 4 versions, label and text with a regular and light version of each. Above you can see both the label and text versions in regular. Fuzzimo has lots of free design stuff so be sure to check out the whole site. Find more font inspiration by following #FontFriday on Twitter. You can follow me on twitter too.

The photo is a snapshot I took at a concert. Concert photo taking tip: carefully watch the changing lights and you'll get a ton of really different photos. The text/lyrics in the graphic above are from Hall & Oates' Rich Girl. Watch it. You'll love it. You'll sing it all weekend. Speaking of which, have a great weekend!! 

P.S. I'm sure you've heard of Lucky Magazine but have you heard of the Lucky Community? Basically it's user generated version of the magazine. You can submit your own fashion and beauty related blog posts or just browse through and see what you'll find. I'm pretty excited that I already have two posts up. Check it out! xoxo


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