Moodboard – Fall Wardrobe

Lately, I've been hating everything in my closet and just can't decide what to wear. So I've decided it's time to get my Fall wardrobe in order. Here are a few pieces that I think could turn my closet from a boring mess to a delightful joy.

1. Lace Peplum Blouse from Anthropologie
2. Navy Gathered Neckline Peplum Dress from Dorothy Perkins
3. Mustard Colored Skinny Jeans by Current/Elliot from Piperlime
4. Dotted Jacquard Sweater Skirt from Anthropologie
5. Simple Statement Pleated Blouse from Ruche (currently out of stock)
6. Nine West Translator Ankle Boots from Zappos


  1. I feel the same... specially at this time of the year, when you don't know if it's late summer or early fall and it's cold in the morning but then hot at midday... well at least it's like this in Barcelona (!!) I never know what to wear!! I love the mustard skinny jeans, but I don't know if they would suit someone not that skinny!!! lovely blog


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