Moodboard – Fall Fashion Plaid

As I think I proved the other day in this post, plaid can be super chic and fashionable. Check out these lovely picks from around the web for a happy, plaid-y Fall season.

1. Maison Scotch Shirt from ShopBop
2. Buffalo Plaid Scarf from The Gap
3. Max & Mia Plaid Jacket from Nordstrom
4. Polo Match Plaid Clutch from Ruche
5. Shrunken Retro Plaid Boyshirt from Madewell
6. Stadium Cloth Car Coat from J.Crew (Check out the little girl's version too. It's adorable.)

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  1. oh woo - so much gorgeous plaid, I'd love one of them all, especially that JCrew car coat, it looks so cosy!


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