Friday Faves – Sanchez Font and Instagram Photos

Today's Font Friday is Sanchez from My Fonts. Sanchez is a lovely, clean slab serif font. This font is similar to a classic slab serif like Rockwell but has a few special curves added in. Be sure to check out the "K" and "Q". The Regular and Italic versions are available for free. Buy the whole family and you'll get Extra Light, Light, Semi-Bold, Bold and Black, all in regular and italic. You can't get much more complete than that. Oh wait you can, there's also a Sanchez Condensed family.

For more font inspiration follow #FontFriday on twitter. You can follow me on twitter too. You should also check out this article about Hipster Typography from Font Shop. Very interesting. Now on to some examples of how I might use Sanchez in a design.

These are all photos that I took using my iphone and posted on Instagram (you can follow me @bethwould). Instagram is probably my favorite social media. It allows one to share while being visually creative.

ROCKTOBER BABY! Maybe better than Oktoberfest? Rocktober lasts longer right? Anyway, I took this photo at The Black Keys concert at The Staples Center.  Lots of fun!

OK, last example. I love the the composition of this photo and all the different elements – peeling paint, tiles, numbers, metal, red bell. And if you don't recognize the song lyric you need to listen to this song immediately. It sounds cooler in your head if you have the tune to go along with it. Have a great weekend!!


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