Friday Faves – Oct 5

This week's Friday Font is Homestead from Lost Type Co-Op. This all-caps font pretty much screams fall in the coolest retro way. The font is all-caps which can be a bummer but it comes with 6 variations that you can layer for even more looks. The three shown above (from top: Display, Inline and Regular) work perfectly on their own. Inline has a very collegiate feel and would be perfect for back-to-school designs. The top one in blue – Display – is my personal favorite. It looks like letters cut out of plaid fabric. Amazing right? Wait until you see them layered in different colors.

If you want your plaid letters to be different colors all you have to do is layer up the One, Two and Three variations of the font. These versions of the font are not terribly useful on their own. Although I did make use of them in my 2012 calendar Between The Lines. Above you can see the layers separated and then together. Cool right?

Here's another Homestead layering variation using Two, Three and Inline. You might be wondering if any of the layers are transparent. They're not! It just layers like that.

You might have noticed that these are the colors from my Fall Moodboard earlier this week. Fun and Fall-ish right? If you need more fonty inspiration follow #FontFriday on twitter. You can follow me there too.


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