Free Printable – Happy Birthday Hangtags

Birthdays happen all year round and one always need a little something to pretty up a gift. So to help you out here are some fun little fall themed Happy Birthday hangtags in two colorways ready for you to download and print. Simply print, cut, punch and write your own message on the front or back. Easy peasy and lots of fun!

I made the hangtags in two different colorways to suit your recipient or even just your mood. Above is Colorway 1 which features more traditional autumn/orange colors.
Colorway 2 is a little more feminine than option one with baby blue and pink.

Here are the photos I used as inspiration for the two colorways. The pumpkins on the left are by Noel Barnhurst (pinned here). The painting on the right is by Caroline Wright (pinned here).

Simply print the hangtags out on cardstock, cut out using scissors or an exacto knife, punch hole in the top and get to wrapping. I wrapped mine with scrap yarn and fun little yarn pom-poms. 

These are designed to print on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Links are below.

Go here to download the Happy Birthday Hangtags in colorway 1 (shown above).  

Go here to download the Happy Birthday Hangtags in colorway 2 (shown above).


  1. They're fab, I love the colours (and that painting!)
    I would love to know how you attached your downloads (I've been trying to figure it out, on-and-off, for ages) - this is rather cheeky, I know, but would you be able to email me a how-to? (pretty please!) xx

  2. These are so great and I agree with Eskimo Rose - the color palettes are gorgeous!
    Found you via the blog hop. Take care!


  3. How adorable! I love these! Thanks so much for sharing these. :3

  4. Thank you for the printables! Found you on Pinterest. Love the color choices...

  5. Cute! Pink and baby blue are so my colors - and I love the combinations you chose! =) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh my goodness. I love your printables. Thank you so much for doing this. You saved the day today. I needed to throw together a quick impromptu birthday gift and really needed a tag. These were perfect.


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