Friday Faves – September 14

You Make My Dreams Come True Poster

I'm Loving in Veneer font

This week's Friday Font is Veneer from My Fonts. Veneer is an awesome, grungy cool all-caps font. Veneer comes in three "weights", italic and dingbats. The weights are really just different levels of grungy distrress. And (bonus!) the dingbats are available for free. Can't get enough font inspiration? Follow #FontFriday on twitter.

This week I wanted to show you how I would use this font. So, I did a little designing. Inspired by this song, I designed the graphic above using veneer and its dingbats. I layered the letters and dingbats over paper (available for free from Fudge Graphics) using different transparencies. Pretty cute right? If you need more design inspiration, check out my design board on Pinterest.

Or, if you want to combine Veneer with some photos, you could layer it over your favorite Instagram shots. I took these photos during a trip to Madison, Wisconsin last weekend. The two above are from the University area and the ones below are from the lakes and arboretum that the town is built around.

You might be wondering how I get such intense colors in my Instagram photos. First, I take a photo using the iphone camera, then I edit it in the app Aviary to increase saturation and sharpness. Finally I load it in Instagram and filter it. It takes longer but I really like the intensity of the photos.

For these collages, I used the PicStitch app to make the photo grids. Then I added the text and dingbats in PhotoShop. If you want to stay up to date on my Instagram photos, follow me at @bethwould or on flickr. Have a great weekend everybody!!! Happy creating/crafting/making!


  1. Thanks for the tip about Aviary. I hate how washed out everything looks in Instagram,

  2. I love these pictures!


  3. You are so right - Books rock!
    IPad's and whatever can never replace the feeling of a real book.


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