Thursday Thriftday – August 30

Here is a fun little studded purse in a cheery sky blue and a sophisticated red wallet (I love the passport pocket). I found the purse at a local thrift store and the wallet at an estate sale near my house. I love the bright red color of the wallet. I might have shared these before but couldn't resist sharing again. These two are a great pair, sleek little thin rectangles ready to take you wherever you need to go.


  1. Totally gorgeous Beth - I'm so in the market for a new purse - I've been lugging a big old carpet bag around since my littlest was born as I refused to get a nappy bag - it literally contains ANYTHING a girl/mummy could need .... but now I'm sick of the sight of it!!! I still need something pretty sizeable as Elsie is only 21 months still, but defo need something more sophisticated - I've been checking ebay for good vintage stuff but keep getting outbid ... will keep you posted with any success I have!

  2. You've inspired me to start thrifting again. I haven't been in a while! Love your finds Beth!
    Have a great weekend~


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