Meal In Progress – Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn

If you ask me, popcorn made on your stovetop (or in an air popper) is a million times better than pre-packaged microwave popcorn. Granted it takes a little more effort to cook it yourself but it's definitely worth it.

It's almost Autumn or at least I'm hoping that it will be Autumn soon and outdoor temps will be crisp and cool at least part of the day. Anyway, the Autumn season begs for certain flavors – cinnamon, sugar, pumpkin, nutmeg, you get the picture. So, to get you started, here's a little recipe I improvised for Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn. It might just become your favorite late night snack.

Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn
Makes 2 generous servings (about 3 cups)

2 T. oil
1/4 cup Popcorn kernels
3 - 4 T. butter
2 T. white sugar
3/4 t. cinnamon
sprinkle of salt
dash of allspice
1 shake nutmeg
1/2 C walnuts broken in pieces

Over medium high heat, put oil and 3 popcorn kernels in a medium sized pot with a tight lid. When you hear the kernels pop, add the rest of the popcorn and cover with lid. Shake the pan continuously as the popcorn pops. You don't want it to burn after all. When you hear the popping lift off the lid and transfer popcorn to a large bowl.

Turn heat down to low and melt butter with sugar, spices and walnuts. Turn off heat and return popcorn to pot. Shake and stir until well coated. Enjoy!


  1. Now I really want some popcorn :D
    Amy x


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