Friday Faves – August 31

This week's Font Friday is Metropolis from Font Fabric. The font is available for free (yay!). You should really go check out the samples they have for this font. It's some cool design. Get more font inspiration by following #FontFriday on twitter. You can follow me on twitter too!
I had a really hard time deciding what to feature for the "faves" this week and finally settled on four recent favorite pins from Pinterest. If you're anything like me, you're kind of addicted to pinterest. Collecting a visual catalogue of ideas is a dream come true for me. So, here's a little sampling of things I've found inspiring.

1. From my "Design" pinboard: Design for Hot Dang burgers by Make & Matter, a design studio in Austin, Texas The Design board is collection of graphic design that I find inspirational.

2. From my "Color Study" pinboard: natural dye from Anthropologie The color study board is anything with a particularly beautiful color palette. You will find a lot of art on this board.

3. From my "Works in Progress and Beautiful Messes" board: Brownie cookies with Salted Caramel Filling from Bakers Royale This board celebrates the creative process and the messiness required to be creative.

4. From my "Yummy Pretty Eats" pinboard: Oat Milk Smoothie from Golubka The name of this pinboard perfectly describes the contents: beautiful photos of delicious food.

Have a great holiday weekend everybody!


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