Friday Faves – August 3 + Photoshop Tutorial

The perfect font to start off Accessories and Embellishment month here on the blog, GRN Burgy is a rounded display face with little cut out highlights that resemble exclamation points. You can download it for free on Behance from user Marco Goran Romano. One trick to this font that you'll figure out pretty quickly is that there are no lowercase letters. So, turn on that CAPS LOCK. Looking for more font inspiration? Follow #FontFriday on twitter. You can follow me on twitter here and stay up to date on all my DIY.

Those little cut outs make for a lot of fun. But to make them filled with a contrasting color you'll need to do a little work. So for a little DIY design fun, here's how I made the graphic above using Photoshop. It's a pretty brief tutorial, you'll need to have a little experience in Photoshop.

Cut Out Color Graphic Tutorial

1. Open a new document. Use the rounded rectangle tool to make a brown-grey box.

 2. Type your desired text with GRN Burgy and size to fit box. (You might have to do some playing around with the size of the box and the text.)

3. Duplicate type layer and rasterize.

 4. Using the magic wand tool to select cut out areas that you want to fill with color. Make a new layer under text layers and fill the selection with pink color.

 5. Add a drop shadow to the text layer. Click the fx in the Layers palette and select drop shadow.

6. Now save all that work you did! Here's a look at the final layers.

Have a great weekend everybody!


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