DIY Wooden Bead Necklaces

I made these wooden bead necklaces over the weekend. I varied the same beads throughout the three necklaces so that I can wear them together or alone. I love the striped beads. Aren't they gorgeous? And there's something about wooden beads that makes them so attractive to me. Have you made any jewelry lately?


  1. I made this crochet one (scroll down to photo) from the recent Covet Garden issue. The thing is, although the silk thread I used makes it look like it is a real chain, I find it is a little too flimsy. I am thinking of shortening the space between the balls and adding little turquoise beads in the middle of the connecting chain. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Kata! Your necklace is really pretty. I think your idea could work. Or, you could try adding something to it like a metal chain to make it less flimsy.

  2. This turned out beautiful! Its fun to create and wear something of your own! :)


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