Craft from the Past – Reversible Lined Crochet Bag

Accessories and Embellishment is coming to a close and I'm frantically trying to finish some projects. So, trust me this week is going to have about twice as many posts as usual. (yay!) Today's post is actually a really old project (originally blogged here) that deserves a fresh spotlight.

I crocheted this bag using a recycled yarn. I started with the bottom of the bag and worked my way up in circles. Each handle is two braids twisted together. After crocheting, I fashioned the lining of the bag and gave it pleats around the rounded opening to provide shape. The intention is that the bag is reversible. I do really like the shape of the bag but have rarely used it. 

Crochet is probably the craft that I am least confident in. I learned to knit first and it was hard to figure out crochet. Once I get in the groove of it though, it's ok. Do you prefer knit over crochet or vice versa?


  1. This is really cute! I love the lining! I'm an avid crocheter, myself, but am hoping to learn to knit, soon. I'm just afraid it'll mess up my crochet knowledge - ha!

  2. I love this! What a great idea to line it, and make it reversible. I've completely forgotten how to crochet and the only proof I have that I ever could is a half-finished string bag. I'll need to relearn so I can finish it - I might even copy your lining idea too!

  3. Sweet bag - what a neat idea. Crochet is so much simpler, to me! I lose track of stitches, I don't remember what's purled and what's knit..... whatever I knit is a hot mess. But I love seeing handknit pieces and aspire to buy one someday. Always works of art, to me.


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