Thursday Thriftday – July 5

I've been collecting the Stitch by Stitch series of books for a while now. The series was published in the 1980s by Torstar Books. This is volume 8 of the series. Each book features projects and tutorials for sewing, knitting and crochet. Here are some highlights from volume 8. These books are pretty easy to find at the thrift store. Although I think they originally came with sewing patterns that are rarely with the books. Still, the books have a lot of patterns and instructions that are useful without the supplement.

Look at those bias-cut striped panels on that skirt. Not to mention the hats. So chic. 

 Yes, that is a jumpsuit. Party time!

Open lace crochet instructions

A jolly juggler embroidery and instructions for sewing corded seams


  1. I remember as a teen checking these out from the library. So cool, can't remember if I ever made anything from them though.


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