Friday Faves - June 15

Today's font is Weston, available for free on Font Fabric. It's a nice, rounded slab serif with a slightly western feel. I've used the font for my Pleated Skirt Tutorial and my Button Front Skirt Tutorial and really like the look and feel of it. As is common with free fonts, it doesn't have all of the characters one may want – such as an apostrophe.

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I  love the whimsical quality of these bird print dresses. So adorable and fun. What do you think? Do you have any whimsically printed dresses? Are they hard to wear?

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Bird Print Dress
2. Bird Print Dress by Tulle
3. Warehouse Bird Print Drop Waist Dress
4. Colette by Colette Dinnigan Dancing Birds Dress


  1. yes i love a good printed dress!!


  2. Sadly I don't own any of those lovely frocks, but I do have a lovely pair of socks with the same print as the warehouse dress - my budget says I have to stick with them at the mo!!


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