Book Review – I Am Cute Dresses

I Am Cute Dresses : 25 Simple Designs to Sew by Sato Watanabe provides simple dress patterns that you can make following the diagrams and instructions. This is originally a Japanese book, now translated into English.

The designs are loose fitting and meant to be one size fits most (although I suspect that means most people in Japan). I've made one dress from this book which I'll be showing you later this week. Some, not all (as the Amazon description implies), of the patterns give some guidance for altering the size of the pattern. Depending on your body type and the cut of the design, you will need to make adjustments to the patterns in order to achieve proper fitting.

The first part of the book features photos of all of the dresses. The second part has the diagrams and instructions.

This is one of my favorite designs from the book. It calls for using kimono fabric pieced together, making a center seam and then cut.

Some of the dresses are quite cute but not terribly flattering. However, the patterns are simple and could be used as starting points to create your own designs.

There is very little general sewing instruction included. You will need to be somewhat experienced to use this book. I would not recommend it to a novice as the instructions are sparse, often incorporating 5 or 6 steps in one diagram.

The book does not include paper patterns. You will either need to make your own paper pattern or draw the pattern directly on your fabric using chalk or a disappearing ink pen. The diagrams are detailed but you will need to pay careful attention in order to avoid mistakes. I don't mind the diagrams at all because it's easier than printing out and piecing together patterns or tracing a pattern.

I was a little disappointed by the book. I expected to like the designs much more than I do. There are only 2 or 3 that I think I will actually make. Some of the designs look very 90s to me. So, maybe one day they'll come back into style? ;) I recommend looking at the book in a store or library before purchasing to determine if you like enough of the designs to make it a worthwhile purchase.


  1. Most of the sewing books in Japan are like this one: featuring shapeless and cute dresses. They do fit local ladies perfectly, but I still like to see more accent on curves :P The dress from kimono silk is so beautiful! What color/pattern did you choose for your dress?

  2. thanks for the review!I LOVE these japanese books!But there are not many translated in English.I was thinking of buying your post was very helpfull!

  3. I'll be sharing the dress I made tomorrow so check back in then.

    Keywoman, I'm glad to hear that my review was helpful. :)

    1. Did you make a dress from this book? I would love to see an image from it. I would like to make a dress from this book, that i own, but a little miffed by instructions, and how to translate them onto fabric. (If that makes sense). Any helpful hints. Wish I would have seen your blog before I purchased book. oh well.

    2. Hi Mami Pea, I made the Sassy Sundress from this book. My post is here: It's been a while since I used the book. I think you just need to read the instructions very carefully and use a little intuition. Best of luck!!


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