Free Pattern Recycled Corduroy Blanket

This recycled corduroy blanket is one of my all time favorite projects and beyond a doubt the best blanket in the world. I know that might be hard for you to believe but that's only because you have not taken a nap or watched tv with this blanket. If you did, you'd know that it is the best blanket in the world.
I made this blanket about 6 years ago using wide wale corduroy (you remember that 90s fave fabric right?) that I rescued from the Goodwill pile. Wide wale corduroy has those soft, fat ridges of fluff. 
The blanket is made of alternating columns of corduroy squares and narrow rectangles with a backing of microfleece. The pattern is available for FREE on my website.

If I were to do it all over again (which I hope to one day in lovely neutral colors), I'd use a larger seam allowance and actually quilt (topstitch) the top of the blanket. I've had issues with the seam coming apart on this quilt but I just use a narrow zig-zag (buttonhole stitch) to tack the fabric down and all is right again.

Between the microfleece and the wide wale corduroy this blanket is so soft and has the perfect heft to it. And, very importantly it's long enough to fit over my feet and still cover my arms (about 70 inches long). That's maximum warmth and there's not much else you can ask for in a blanket. Seriously, best blanket ever.


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