Refashion – Mullet Skirt

I bought this knit dress at the thrift store the other night and did a quick (45 minutes!) refashion to make a mullet skirt. The bodice of the dress was too small for me but the skirt had a lot of fabric. I started by cutting off the bodice. Then trimmed away the front of the skirt. From the trimmings, I cut a waistband. Using the same technique that I used for my knit stripe skirt, I added elastic and serged the waistband onto the skirt. Then I hemmed the edge and finito! I'm very pleased with the outcome of this refashion. It only cost $5.99, was quick to make and is easy to wear.


  1. Love it! I can't believe I've never heard the term mullet skirt before--guess I'm behind on my spring magazine-reading. Been thinking I should do a DIY, and you've convinced me!


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