Knit Stripe Skirt

This skirt was inspired by a photo I saw in a magazine of the Striped Raffia Skirt by Burberry Prorsum (available for purchase here). As soon as I saw the photo I was reminded of a beige and black striped double-knit that I inherited from my grandmother.

I used the skirt pattern from Sew U Home Stretch by Wendy Mullin. It is a really great easy pattern to use. There are just 3 seams (each side and the waistband) plus the hem. I actually used this pattern once before and before I took any pictures, lost the skirt. (I'm still wondering where it could have gone.)

 The skirt is very comfortable to wear and can work with a shirt tucked in as well.


  1. I really like this outfit.

    It is bizarre when things like that go missing, isn't it?


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