Book Review – Twinkle Sews

Twinkle Sews by Wenlan Chia features 25 unique patterns supplied on a CD. The patterns are divided into 4 basic categories: skirts, raglan sleeve, drop shoulder and spaghetti strap. A lot of the patterns are interesting designs and definitely not basic.
You can get this skirt pattern for free at BurdaStyle. The Love in the Afternoon dress pattern is also a free on Craft Stylish.
Although there are some instructions for basic sewing techniques included, I would not recommend this as a go to for sewing instruction. There are plenty of other books out there that can serve as sewing reference material.
I wanted to make the English Garden skirt pictured above but found both the pattern and the instructions so frustratingly complicated, I went to plan B. One major problem with the patterns is that only every other size is provided (0,4,8,12 and 16). I also had problems piecing the pattern together as it was not clear where to line up the pieces. Fehr Trade does a pretty thorough review here and I'm sure there are others at there on the internet as well.

The origami blouse is one of my favorite designs for the book and would love to try it out. Hopefully the instructions are more friendly than the English Rose pattern.


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