Vogue V8776 Cape

I made this cape using a grey wool that I bought at Jo-Ann's a couple years ago and Vogue pattern V8776, view A.
This pattern is designated very easy so I was expecting to be able to whip it up in just a few hours. It took a lot more than a few hours for me to complete this one. It's not very hard but is definitely not for beginners.
But, I do like the cape. It's pretty easy to wear (although arm movement is a little limited). You can wear the collar up or down and it has pockets.
The biggest mistake I made was making the notches on both sides. Those notches are for the in-seam buttonholes. They only need to go on one side. Below is the collar and the in seam buttonhole between the collar and the body.


  1. I was looking for tips on making this pattern and stumbled upon your blog. Love how yours turned out. Thanks for posting... and good to know about the notches. Will watch out for that!


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