Vogue V1207 Dress

This dress is made with Vogue pattern V1207 using fabric I purchased from the Michael Levine bulk store a little more than a year ago. I started the dress a long time ago but stalled out at the sleeves. It was a time consuming dress to make with all the little pleats in the sleeves and bodice.

One change I made was to raise the "V" in the back.  I wish that I had added more length to both the bodice and the skirt. I think it looks a little frumpy with the current proportions.

Some of the seams are a bit puckered as well. It's definitely not my best creation. The pattern is ok but I likely won't be making it again.


  1. Gorgeous fabric! This dress makes you look tall with long legs!

  2. I love your fabric choice but I do agree the skirt could be longer and maybe narrower? And I know you are naturally tall (or long legged) because the door knob only comes up to your hips (it's above the waist, inches from the bust for me!!!)


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