Thursday Thriftday - Oct 20

Learn about Ableskivers (aka Ebleskiver).


  1. These special Pancakes are northern-German traditional food, too.

    My grandma used to make them on New Year's Eve and filled them with jam or raisins. Very tasty!

    When my parents were young in the 1950's, the children used to go from door to door and sang traditional New Year's Eve songs. After wishing good luck, they received these special pancakes.
    It was somehow a little bit like the American Halloween tradition.

    When my grandma died, I inherited not only the pan. I kept on the tradition. Since 5 years I carry on and invite my parents and friends to this special dinner.
    And as my sons are now 2 and 4, I will teach them the old traditional songs and keep on this lovely New Year's Eve's tradition.

    If you are interested in our family's receipt, just mail to paganwiki (at) and I'll translate and send it to you.

  2. What a wonderful tradition. Thank you for sharing!


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