Knitted Cotton Baby Mocassins

I knit these baby moccasins for my newborn niece. Her dad (my brother) loves wearing moccasins and these are great little mock-moccasins. I used this pattern from the purl bee. The yarn is Cotton Club by Loops & Threads/Michaels. I wanted to use cotton because it's easy to wash and friendly to my wool sensitive skin. This brand had the perfect colorways.
The yarn I chose was also thicker in weight than the pattern which worked ok for me because big feet run in my family and I'd hate for the mocs to not fit. I used a size 4 needle for the ribbing and size 7 for the rest.The trickiest part was picking up stitches for the bottom of the foot. You will cast on fewer stitches than there are rows. I recommend doing the embroidery before the bottom of the foot. It will be easier to handle then. Overall, these moccasins are adorable. I love them and would consider making another pair.


  1. Not that I have anything particularly pithy to remark, but I can't help but write: So Cute!

  2. Just saw this on Kollabora, this is seriously the best

  3. I am working on these now and did the embroidery last—no good! Your tip about doing the embroidery before finishing the bottom of the foot is right on. Thank you!!


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