Sunday Summer Outfit

Inspired by this photo (above left) from Lucky magazine, I made this outfit last Sunday. For the skirt, I used a medium weight pinstripe cotton fabric that I purchased at the Michael Levine bulk store in downtown LA and Vogue pattern V1247. The pattern was relatively easy to put together. The one big change I made was to do an exposed zipper.To make an exposed zipper, I first basted the center back seam. Next I stitched a facing to the center back seam (on the right side of the fabric), stitching 1/8 inch on either side of the seam (see above).
After stitching, I cut the facing down the center and removed the basting stitches.
Next, I turned the facing to the wrong side and pressed flat (see above). The skirt was ready for the zipper.
The skirt is very comfortable and fits well (I cut a size 14). Instead of encasing the seams with binding, I serged the raw edges, saving a lot of time. I really love this skirt, especially the pockets, and would make it again.
For the blouse I used a lightweight sheer fabric that I bought as a remnant from the regular Michael Levine store. For the pattern, I used Simplicity 2892, view C without the bottom band. I've used this pattern a couple times before with success (View C, dress length and View D, dress length). I narrowed the shoulders and eliminated the facings. I finished the arm and neckholes with folded bias strips and a serger. I didn't do the best job on the edges because I was trying to hurry but I'm satisfied with the blouse.


  1. I am so impressed by this outfit! I liked the last one, too, but this looks so light and summery, and you make the sewing look so easy.
    I don't have a machine, but once made a lined skirt with a zip by hand (as well as your reversible tote), so when I see posts like this one, I am so inspired because I suspect the final product is better suited to one's taste than clothes one can find on the rack.
    The touch of the magazine clippings inspiration at the top of these posts is so nifty.
    I'd love to be able to follow in your footsteps, but for now am just an admiring fan! :)

  2. Lovely and summery!

    Did you lengthen the skirt pattern or is that how it comes in the envelope. Just wondering because it looks shorted on the model, but you never know, because models have such long legs,

  3. Thanks e'clair! I've been sewing for many years but still make mistakes. In fact, I sewed the zipper facing to the wrong side and had to redo it. :)

    Thanks Katherine! I did lengthen the skirt by 6 or 7 inches, at least (oops forgot to mention that!). I'm 5-11 and definitely needed the extra length.


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