Paper Covered Magazine Files

After covering with scrap-booking paper. Such a transformation! I love it. And here's a secret: the paper doesn't wrap all the way around. It covers the front and then as much as it can on the sides.
The paper really brightens this corner of the room and did not take long to complete. I used craft glue to attach the paper and an exacto blade to remove excess paper.


  1. Really great idea!!!!

  2. It is quite a transformation: if I had such files, I would definitely give them a makeover after seeing this! :)
    It is quite something how much details matter. I have a nice jar on my desk that I keep my pens in, and the other day it occurred to me to hide the lid ridges by wrapping the top with beads (I fastened them with a bit of wire) and it looks much better.
    I hope you'll share any more DIY ideas, because they can be so practical and fun.
    P.S. Thanks again for your calendar download, I am having so much fun with it (here are some photos if you'd like to see it):


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