Vogue V8657 Grey Fleece Jacket

Vogue V8657, view B
Fabric: grey knit sweatshirt fabric

I really like the drapey front of this jacket from Vogue Patterns. I wanted to do something easy and comfortable so I used some grey sweatshirt fabric I had on hand.

To make things easy, I omitted the facing and simply serged all of the edges.
I did make one boo-boo and cut the front pieces out backwards. I did however, successfully, lengthen the sleeves to reach the wrist.

I top-stitched all the seams open for stability.
Finishing touch: bound buttonhole for belt

Overall, this was a fairly easy pattern to make and I recommend it. The shoulders and back fit nicely although I could have lengthened the body an inch or two.


  1. Read this post with interest as I've just purchased the pattern. I must say I thought of making a winter version (summer here in Australia) using a knit with serged edges. Will follow your example of the bound button hole. Makes for a nice finish.


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