Sewing Book drape drape

drape drape by Hisako Sato

I bought this book a few weeks ago at a Japanese bookstore in Little Tokyo, downtown Los Angeles. There are some amazing patterns in this book. You can buy it online here.

no. 2 gather drape cape vest + gather drape pants
no. 3 gather drape dress

no. 6 drape drape gather dress

no. 1, no. 11 loose flare drape dress

no. 8 drape drape all-in-one, no. 1

no. 5

The book comes with patterns for all of the designs. The patterns need to be traced for use.
Tracing is the hard part. The lines are all the same color and very complicated.
The English is sparse in this book. All of the instructions are in Japanese. The patterns do have excellent diagrams but not for all steps of construction.

Despite the difficulties in translation, I've already made one garment, to be shared soon!


  1. thanks so much showing the book,and clothes you made yourselfe, are amazing!!!I'm my own hand maker clothes , and stuff, and find your site was the best for the new year's stat with.
    Love from Barcelona. Marta


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