Knit Boatneck

I made this dress using the boatneck dress pattern from Sew U Home Stretch. The making of this dress contained a big lesson on serger sewing – presser foot tension is very important. When I first started the dress, the presser foot tension was too tight and stretched my relatively thin knit. Ironing and washing did not rectify the stretch, resulting in a sad, saggy neckline that fell off my shoulders.

So, after some swatch testing, I found the perfect tension. Then to fix the saggy neck, I added a band of contrasting fabric. To complement the neckline, I also added the band to the sleeve hems. Overall, I like the dress for a casual weekend.


  1. lovely! I find boat neck tops to be very flattering and have always wanted to sew one in the classic navy blue and white stripe..yours is inspiration


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